Cover Your Assets with Managed Services

Every business that uses a computer has digital assets. Those assets need to be protected. Protected from loss, theft, corruption, and more. Managed Services (MS) is a subscription service that Covers Your Assets (CYA) with layers of protection starting with anti-virus tools to off-site backups to remote helpdesk to education and training of staff and users accessing those assets.

CYAMS applies these layers to protect and secure your digital assets for you, so you need not worry about them.

How do we protect you and your assets?


Backups are the best way to ensure your data is available after an event.

A strictly cloud based solution gets your data ‘out of the office’ and beyond the reach of viruses or even human action.

Hybrid backups help ensure safety of your data by getting it off-site, but also provides a local copy to speed recovery, when time is critical


Our second layer of protection is a multi-faceted approach to preventing attacks and infection.  This is includes layers such as Antimalware, Advanced Threat Control, Advanced Anti-Exploit, Software Firewall, Network Protections, Content Control, Network Defense and EDR Protection

Pro-Active Maintenance

Up-time of technology is critical to every business.  We maximize your uptime with regular maintenance, preventative monitoring, scheduled outages (usually after business hours) for updates and patches, and and best practices application updates.


We are there to assist your staff on how to get the most out of your technology investments.  Our Managed Services (MS) solution provides telephone and e-mail access to experienced technicians to assist with those ‘How do I’ questions to restoring connectivity to printer queues and network resources.

Cloud Servers

Thanks to Covid-19 and the restrictions that came with it, businesses learned that ‘the Cloud’ was safe and affordable.  We offer highly secured, private Cloud Server solutions to help improve access to business resources.

Team Training

The single largest threat to your technology is human error.  It happens every day.  As your I.T. Department for hire, CYA institutes industry Best Practices and works with your staff to ensure those practices mesh with your daily work routine to protect your data and be efficient.

Web Hosting

The right Web Host is extremely important to every business.  Your website is often the first thing potential clients see of you.  To find a site that has been hijacked, defaced, or maliciously modified to spread dangerous viruses is often enough to turn away would be clients.

Email and Office

We provide and support Office365 and the associated Office e-mail solution, Outlook.  We help ensure the e-mails are secure, authenticated and even filter out the bad ones from affecting your business.

Imagine a world where businesses can efficiently and securely navigate the complexities of IT support and cybersecurity; especially when every company is a tech company now.
That’s where Cover Your Assets managed services comes in –
we are the experts in managing and protecting your digital assets.
Our foundation is built on proactive monitoring, rapid response times, and a wide array of customizable solutions. We are dedicated to safeguarding your data from potential threats and ensuring that your systems are always up-to-date and running smoothly.
Together we can work towards a more secure and prosperous digital feature.
We look forward to helping you and your small business.
Reach out today and get started on your no headache IT journey with CYA Managed Assets.

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